Angela Mia White is such an amazing and beautiful soul. Not only has she been on her own extraordinary journey of recovery but she is an incredible and powerful source for the recovery of others. And this recovery is really about the rediscovery of our true selves and our true nature. Angela inspires, teaches and guides people to remember who they really are - she reminds people that they are not victims but amazing and powerful beings. ​
- Victoria Jane Walkden

"Moving Mountains"

I don't remember how I got to Angela. I do know that I was in my late thirty's. I was always scared, unsure and I felt like I was not an adult. I started seeing Angela's posts. It was like she knew me. She knew that I was scared and lost. It has been more than a year or so ago. Now I am a warrior. I am able to love myself. You can move mountains once you have been through the process. 
- Gafayia Thoms

"Real, Raw, and Honest"

I have learned more from Angela than any therapist I’ve seen. Angela, speaks to you in a very real, raw and honest way as she states. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I immediately bought her book and read it in one day. I had to learn more, so I friended her on Facebook. I wanted more so I signed up to be in her group. I am 61 years old and I’m finally baby stepping into my truth. 
- Julia Stefanko


I found Angela during my dark night of the soul so to speak. I had finally let what I thought were my closest friends go, and I was fighting with my family and had even gone to jail. Angela did exactly what she says she does!! She kept it real n raw and helped me face myself through her. It's hard to even explain. I think most of it happens in the spiritual realm as I gain strength. I'm so grateful to have found her aka me. She taught me to love myself again. Be my own best friend. I love her badassness.
- Shannon McMillan Thompson


Wow, people , I had the the privilege of having a full reading from Angela Mia White today!!! To say that it was out of this world is like saying nothing at all because I do not have the proper words to describe what I saw and felt. This reading was immensely deep and profound leaving nothing untouched. It was so powerful and made with such a grace that it touched every single layer of my being. My soul path was revealed to me and much healing has occurred, healing from past life's  experiences and unfinished things from back then. It provided a clear view of the path ahead.
- Michael Yoffe Ahava

"Like No Other"

Angela Mia White is truly an inspiration that cannot be explained. The gifts she has are like no other. We met the year 2012 and since then she has a piece of my heart and soul in a way that there are no words. Her book is what she is: Real, Raw, Honest... Read It, you will be happy you did... Trust in You. I Love You Angelamia thank you for loving me!
- Susan Theresa Braney

"Very Connected"

This woman is amazing. She is full of raw truth and will wake you right up! She is very connected with spirit and not hindered by doubt of it. I absolutely love her. She has become a part of my journey, my growth. You won't regret making her a part of yours!
- Laura Jean Palmer


Gifted, amazing, beautiful soul! Her birthing and spiritual surgery changed my life tremendously for the better, me and my family are forever grateful.
- Kim Secco

"Powerful Catalyst"

Angela is a powerful catalyst for soul growth and healing. Come to her when you are ready to do whatever it takes to overcome your blocks in healing your soul! When you get a reading with her and integrate it, you power past blocks you encounter in the future! A reading with her doesn't end with the reading! You begin to call your own power home. She is a true Master and will always direct you back into yourself. I Am eternally Grateful.
- Penny Mccloud

"Amazing Gifts"

I had a very powerful psychic surgery with Angela recently. She was picking up that I had mermaid energy, which I confirmed. During the surgery, she saw me coming out of the ocean, dragging myself, and covering up my legs because they were such a mess. She saw Angels and Guides healing them. I’ve had leg and foot problems for at least 10 years, but I didn’t tell her. I’ve also never been able to fully ground. Within a week, after the surgery, I went to the gym and my legs were so much stronger! I’m so grateful to Angela and her amazing gifts.
- Maureen McDonough